Hi! Welcome to design.co — a private cyberspace for people at the intersection of technology, business, and design
A side-project by John Maeda / Paola Antonelli / Ivy Ross / Potion Design / Erin Dobson / Rochelle King / David Granger / and an ongoing brain trust of friends in #DesignInTech.
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Technology, Business, and Design are converging.

But there’s a talent shortage at the TBD intersection.

We’re imagining a cyberplace where the three can better come together to create new businesses, and advance existing ones.

What have we been up to?

We are busily constructing that cyberplace, starting with an auditorium where leaders can broadcast enriching content and emerging ideas in technology/business/design. Our audience is able to interact in real time and engage with speakers in an AMA-style discussion.

We are holding a series of trial events to test our technology, and invite you to join us as a co-adventurer while we build.

A glimpse of a few of our trials: 

Radical Candor, Kim Scott (April)
How to communicate in a way that challenges people directly and shows you care about them personally in order to improve professional performance and personal relationships.

Infusing Money with Values, Jennifer McCrea (June) 
How to transform one's relationship with money, power, and resources in order to unleash true generosity and the potential of collective impact.

Why I Brought Pac-Man to MoMA, Paola Antonelli (June)
Is design art, and should we care? Defining design in the digital age, from chairs made by robots to the @ symbol. 

Designing for Human Diversity, Kat Holmes (July)
The importance of understanding human interactions when using technology to build something both universally accessible and personally meaningful.

Which of the above would you like to have attended, if any?

As we build our programs, we'd love to integrate what resonates with our audience.

For passive updates, just follow us on twitter @designdotco. To be on the testing/notification list to become a critic (aka “early adopting trial visitor”), please share your contact details and we’ll notify you sparingly.

We are in testing mode indefinitely.
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